Engineering And Design

POK utilizes its Engineering & Design capabilities to create and improve the products our customers require. POK is also happy to offer these services as stand-alone services when customers need it. Our services include:

Computer 3d-Modeling: In many instances, customers only have a legacy blueprint or pattern as a starting point of a project. POK has the capability to create 3d models in SolidWorks based on these blueprints/patterns and gladly offers this is a service to our customers.

Product Conversions: We welcome opportunities where a customer would like to convert from forging, fabrication or barstock to casting. POK will work with our customer´s engineering team to propose a casting design that meets design acceptance criteria in a cost-effective manner.

Foundry Engineering: We utilize SolidCast as our simulation software to validate our gating systems and assure soundness of the casting prior to even beginning the patternmaking process.

Manufacturing Engineering: POK has a full staff of process engineers that focus on our manufacturing operations. For CNC machining, we utilize CADCAM softwareMasterCam to develop our CNC programs rendering a cost-effective machining process.

Welding Procedure Development: POK has full in-house capability to develop and qualify WPS´s for all alloys we make. Our WPS´s are developed under de ASME Section IX Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code specification protocol.

Alloy development: We welcome opportunities where a different alloy needs to be tested for a particular product. With the help of our materials lab, our senior R&D staff and our close relationship with several US universities, we can expedite the development process for a new alloy from pouring technology to heat-treating requirements

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