Revolutionizing Large-Scale, High-Quality Castings



Benefits for POK Castings' Customers:

  • Superior Surface Finish: POKCast delivers exceptional surface quality, eliminating the need for extensive machining in many cases. This translates to significant cost savings and faster turnaround times for customers.
  • Unmatched Consistency: The POKCast line incorporates a robotic shelling arm, ensuring consistent quality and minimizing human error and safety risks.
  • Doubled Production Capacity: Combined with the existing Santa Anita plant in Guadalajara, Mexico, the new Acatlán facility effectively doubles POK Castings' production output, allowing them to meet growing customer demand.

 POKCast represents a groundbreaking proprietary technology that redefines the production of enormous investment castings, reaching weights up to 400lbs per piece, and over 1,000lbs for each assembled “tree”. This revolutionary method merges the superior surface finish and low defect rates traditionally associated with the wax-investment process with the ability to produce large-format parts, a capability typically limited to the sand casting process, which often results in rougher surfaces requiring additional machining.

POKCast achieves this breakthrough through a unique process where the part mold (the "positive") is meticulously coated with ceramic layers (the "negative") to form a robust "shell." Molten steel is then poured into this shell, creating the final cast part.