We are here for you. For your casting needs and machining projects.

Innovation is our ally and we are finding new ways to share with you our capabilities.
We feel motivated to explore new ways of doing business.

We believe the power of collaboration transcends distance.

The Commercial team at POK is organized into 3 areas with unique objectives and with one common mind-set: to always have our customer’s satisfaction at the center of our strategies and decision making.

This customer centricity is translated into ensuring the best customer experience when dealing with POK.

"We want to always bring a smile to your face whenever you think of us"

POK Team

I've been a POK teammate since 2007 and have loved every minute of it. I was born in Guadalajara and currently live here. I have also lived in the US and Italy. My degree is in Industrial Design which is why I value creativity and excellence. Before being part of the commercial team, I was in the engineering department as the first article development coordinator at POK.

I look forward to interacting with you and hopefully helping you with any casting needs you may have.

The Customer Experience team serves as a bridge between our customers and POK. Customer Experience Specialists (CXS) work directly with our customers to provide clear and prompt communication of the status of their projects. They also work cross-functionally with multiple departments across POK to provide top-tier service and ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer POK
Team POK

I’m outgoing and friendly. I like this position because it helps me to build better relationships with my customers and create a better experience for them. On a personal level, I love to spend time with family. I like POK because it allows me to have a better life and develop myself as a professional. I like to play soccer on the weekends and to watch movies. I appreciate the opportunity of being a part of POK.

Team POK

I’ve been part of POK team since 2017. I am a kind and patient person; I like to help others and I am very proud to be a POK teammate. I love astronomy, puzzles and swimming.

Team POK

I joined POK in December 2019 and it has been an amazing school. My grandfather has a small workshop, so the work here makes me feel like I am helping him. I grew up in Guadalajara Mexico. I study psychology with a focus on personal conduct. I have interests in sports and have a passion for landscapes and cats.

Team POK

I’ve been in the engineering team and in the CX team during my time at POK.
I love sports, specially volleyball; I’m studying Industrial Engineering and Organizational Systems; I love to read history, learn something new every day and hang out with my friends. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know :)

Team POK

I am a Business Administrator. I really enjoy gastronomy and viticulture. My favorite sports are box, tennis and soccer. I have a lot of respect for life. I love to cook and I am an animal lover. I consider myself a happy and friendly person, with a great attitude of service and help to others!

Team POK

I am a member of the POK family, currently serving as CXS since February 2021. I enjoy working here because I learn something new every day. This is a new challenge in my professional life due to I used to work at the tourism industry. I love nature and in my free time I like to go out with my friends.

Business Development Partners have a pro-active pursuit of new business with existing customers in addition to developing relationships with potential customers. They are the ones translating our customers’ needs and requests into feasible projects. BDP’s work hard in generating quick proposals in response to requests for quotations. They ensure that our customer’s requirements and specifications are perfectly understood and work hand-by-hand with the engineering team on generating creative solutions.

Business POK
Team POK

I was born in Guadalajara. I am an Industrial Engineer. I am a dedicated, responsible person, with goals in my life which I want to accomplish. I consider myself a good person, friendly, understanding, educated, and I think that for everything there is time. I like music especially Rock, I love to play the electric guitar, watch football soccer, I love movies, to go on vacation with my family. I like the beach and to do some sports like riding a bike, running and playing soccer.

Team POK

I am from Guadalajara. I studied at the Universidad de Guadalajara; I am an Industrial Engineer. I love to travel, and I am very interested in learning about other countries and traditions. One of my favorite writers is Dan Simmons. I love science fiction novels and horror movies.

Team POK

I´m from Guadalajara. I like going to the cinema, love soccer, movies and exercising. I've been a POK teammate since 2015. I like teamwork and helping other people. I am happy to be part of a great company.

The Marketing team is responsible of identifying market opportunities and to create demand through various means. They are the first approach when building a new customer relationship and are focused on maintaining a strong and long-term partnership. MKT actively peruses constant feedback from our customers to ensure POK is fulfilling all their expectations. The marketing team is also in charge of POK’s image and presence both offline and online.

Customer POK
Team POK

I am from Guadalajara and studied International Relations. I’ve been in different roles at POK and I had enjoyed them a lot. I began in customer service then as the inside sales coordinator and now I am in the marketing department and it is great to be in a company that offers professional growth. 
I hope you have the chance to come to POK soon and to meet the team and our facilities!

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