Safety Oriented

“2020: Let’s have the safest year in our history”

Safety is our main focus. We thrive to provide the safest work environment for all our teammates. Safety is embedded in our culture and we encourage all our team to protect themselves, their teammates and our customers/visitors. We believe that 0 accidents is possible and we work everyday towards that goal.

Quality Focused

We comply with international standards like API, ASME, NACE, ISO and ASTM throughout all of its manufacturing processes.

Engineering and Design Driven

We encourage you to challenge our design team! We like to test our knowledge and learn from our customers.
- Fabrication Conversion
- Co-creation design
- Rapid prototype
- 3D modeling
- 3D scanner
- CAD/CAM software
- Weld procedure development
- Alloy development

Committed to On-Time Delivery

- Privileged location in Guadalajara, Mexico (Airport code: GDL)
- Typical transit time by truck to Texas: less than a week.
- Ability to expedite shipping through air-freight services as well as land hot-shot services.

Serial Number Traceability

Every single one of our castings has a “unique serial number” allowing us to have one of the most strict traceability systems available.
it is very important to us, to maintain our processes as lean as we can. With the ability to track serial numbers that are linked to their heat number, we have a very tight control of the manufacturing process. Our on-the-floor ERP “Inari” is a live tracking software that allows us to have eyes on the location and status of each casting at all times.

Emphasis on Customer Experience

We are a bilingual team focused on giving our customer the best experience possible.
Our sense of urgency, availability and responsibility will give you accurate information in a timely manner.
Reach out, we are here to help! :)

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