Sand Castings

We use sand casting to produce larger parts with precision requirements. This process is ideal for creating parts with complex geometries and large volumes, making it a popular choice in mining, construction, transportation, and other industries where cost-effectiveness and production efficiency are important.

Investment Casting 

This process is ideal for creating parts with fine details, thin walls, and smooth surfaces, making it a popular choice in aerospace, oil and gas, and other industries requiring high precision.


POKCast will be able to produce investment casting trees containing up to 1,000 lbs of steel, up from a couple of hundred.


At POK we dedicated ourselves to working with materials that enrich the quality of our products. We specialized in various materials such as high strength 4320, 4340, 9840, low alloy 8625, 1045, 4130, 4140 WCB, WC6, LLC, stainless steel 304, 316, 420, 430, and Inconel 718.

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  Our product development center was specially designed to fast-track first-article development and alongside our internal pattern shop; we can manufacture either permanent tooling or rapid prototyping solutions to meet your project needs.

Product Development Center

Pattern Shop

  • Fabrication Conversion​
  • Co-creation design​
  • Rapid prototype​
  • 3D modeling​
  • 3D scanner​
  • CAD/CAM/Solidworks/Solid Cast software​
  • Weld procedure development​
  • Alloy development


More than 6 induction furnaces that vary in size give us the flexibility to make small heats and large heats depending on your needs. 

The Vacuum Induction Melting and Pouring 

Furnace (VIM) is for casting specialty alloys with a capacity to pour molds up to 24”  ⌀ and 36” H and 200 pounds in weight.



With more than 35 vertical and horizontal CNC turning and milling machining centers, we can deliver machined products to our customers to reduce supply chain logistics and lead times. 


We comply with international standards like API, ASME, NACE, ISO, and ASTM throughout all our manufacturing processes .

ISO 9001:2015

Serial Number Traceability

Serial number traceability is a critical aspect of efficient operations in POK. It involves assigning unique identification numbers to individual components or products, allowing for easy tracking and monitoring throughout the production process and beyond. By implementing serial number traceability, we can unlock several significant advantages that enhance quality control, improve productivity, ensure compliance, and foster customer satisfaction.